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PPP protests against Gaza killings

PPP Senator Raza Rabbani criticises Arab League, Organisation for Islamic Cooperation, PM Nawaz Shairf for not taking concrete steps to address the “brutal Israeli bombardment” Palestinians Coordinator to Sindh Chief Minister on

Attack on polio team in Mardan

A policeman was shot dead Tuesday while protecting a polio vaccination team near Mardan, police said, bringing the death toll in such attacks to 20 since December. No one has claimed responsibility

Five killed in Karachi

At least five persons were killed in different acts of violence across Karachi on Monday in a span of just one hour. Unidentified bikers gunned down a trader and injured his security

11 killed in Jakarta floods

Floods in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta have left at least 11 people dead, authorities said Friday as murky brown waters submerged parts of the city’s business district, causing chaos for a second day.

The revolution will be tweeted

Internet activists displayed their full strength in the protests against Hazara Shia killings in Quetta. While the electronic media remained suspiciously silent on the dharnas being demonstrated by the families of victims