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Killer drug found?

Investigating the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) medical catastrophe which caused the death of 119 heart patients, Central Drug Laboratory (CDL) late on Monday declared that the Alfagril/Clopidogrel medicine administered over the

‘You have 24 hours to catch the killer’

A general house meeting of the Lahore High Court bar Association (LHCBA) on Wednesday demanded of the Punjab government to arrest killers of Advocate Nassarullah Warriach within next 24 hours and punish

Killer booze in the city?

A new brand of alcoholic drinks recently introduced in the city has claimed the lives of two journalists while severely affecting several others, who consumed the beverages. Two journalists died while another

Why Siri is a google killer

It’s now been a couple of weeks since Siri debuted as part of (AAPL) 4S. The response from most people has been very positive. However, in my opinion, Siri is tremendously under-valued.

‘Target killer’ arrested

Police arrested an alleged target killer and recovered weapons from his possession on Saturday. Asif alias Goonia s/o Abdul Razak was arrested from the New Karachi industrial area and was found in

Two target killers arrested from Korangi

Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Karachi police arrested two target killers from Korangi and recovered massive pile of firearms from their custody. According to SIT East Chief Inspector Naeem Khan, two target