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All for one!

Sharif, who enjoys a solid majority in parliament, convened a joint session of the assembly as he seeks to reaffirm that he is fully in control more than two weeks after protests seeking to bring down his government erupted in the coup-prone nation. His office said parliament would be in session all week to allow all members to express their views. A string of politicians took to the floor during the first day, most of them expressing their resolute support for Sharif.

SC issues summons to all Parliamentary parties, clarifies position on Hashmi’s claims

ISLAMABAD- All parliamentary parties of Pakistan and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) were issued notices by the Supreme Court on Tuesday. During the hearing of petitions filed against the sit-in in Islamabad by

Hashmi gets to show cause as Mazari refutes allegations

“The fact is that there was no such talk in any meeting nor is there any such covert agenda. The chairman had said from day one that if the legal venues of redress failed to give justice to PTI’s appeals against rigging, then the party would come out on the roads to protest,” the statement added.

Mystery phone call to Khan led to PTI marching orders: report

The TV anchor claimed that the PTI members told their chairman that the government had in return demanded that Khan should make public the deal to his supporters from atop the luxury container but at that very moment the PTI chairman received a call on his phone and within a spur of a moment the cricketer-politician announced to his supporters that they would march toward PM’s House, stunning even his close aides.