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‘US should reduce its centrality’

The United States must adopt measures to reduce its centrality to the conflict in Afghanistan while Pakistan should also revisit its foreign policy and evolve a positive approach towards its neighbours. These

Mighty Indus has its delta ripped

Elderly Ramzan still remembers the days when he was a child and almost everyone in his village cultivated the famous ‘red rice’ among other crops. Even the farmers were very rich due

Globalisation and its aftermath

The term globalisation, for the last twenty years, is being increasingly used by both international enterprises facing competition in the global market and also by narratives which support indigenous culture and suggest

BIEK closes its doors on 9 impersonators

The Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) has closed its doors for nine students, who were allegedly caught red-handed in impersonation cases by the super vigilance team (SVT) during the first phase