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Market bullish despite investor wariness

Led by various frontline stocks, mainly banking and fertiliser sector, the benchmark managed triple digit gains, while accumulation by local corporate and resident participants...

IPDF investor forum to promote trucking industry

The Infrastructure Project Development Facility (IPDF) and the Ministry of Finance will hold an investor forum on July 13 (Wednesday) for opportunities in automobile...

Economy trumps Greece as investor focus

Investors put the Greek crisis behind them at least temporarily on Friday, letting the euro hit a three-week high against the dollar at one...

Lack of investor interest hits KSE

KARACHI - The local bourse had a week of slim volumes of 62.56 million, indicating that lack of investor participation has largely impacted performance. The index moved within a band of merely 289 points whilst the benchmark shrunk 54.48 points within the week.
Foreign participation, in the week, was up by a meager $4.82 million. The SBP allowed forward cover for exports, to allow the banking industry fetch better returns from dealing in foreign exchanges, while forward cover

Investor morale takes a hit at bourse

KARACHI - News regarding calculation and reporting of CGT further dampened investor's morale that were already shaken by diplomatic row over arrest of U.S citizen, resultantly KSE-100 hit the valley below 11,900 level only to recover in the wee hours, owing to support at lower levels amidst thin volume of 68 million shares.
The KSE-100 index closed at the 11,946.09 levels with the gain of 2.75 points, while total volume stood at 42,763,152 along with the value of 2,443,478,415.

BoI gears up for investor moot in Malaysia

ISLAMABAD - The Board of Investment (BOI) will hold an investment conference in Kuala Lumpur for Malaysian businessmen seeking lucrative investment opportunities in the power, construction and Halal food sectors in Pakistan in March of this year.
An official told Pakistan Today that the conference would be held with the cooperation of the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA), which also assists Malaysian companies in matter pertaining to overseas investment. "The

Fallen investor spoils Russia show for investors

DAVOS - A former big investor in Russia, who accuses the government of stealing his firms and killing his lawyer, spoiled on Thursday a Russian show in Davos meant to woo investors. Bill Browder, who had around $4 billion invested in Russia through his Hermitage fund, says he had to flee Russia after accusing officials of corruption and saw some of his firms being stolen from him by Interior Ministry officials.
One of his lawyers, Sergei Magnitsky, died in jail last year from

UAE is the 2nd largest investor in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Political analyst Dr Ejaz Butt has stated that UAE is the second largest foreign investor in Pakistan. UAE businessmen have a large investment in the telecom sector in Pakistan.
Talking to PTV, he said the trade volume between the two countries is high; volume of Pakistani exports to UAE is $2.0 billion and the volume of imports is $3.0 billion. He stressed that Pakistan should enhance its exports to overcome its trade deficit and avail fresh opportunities for export.