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Nikkei index suffers worst plunge since 1987

Nikkei index suffers worst plunge since 1987

TOKYO – The Nikkei index’s average share plunged 10.6 percent on Tuesday, posting the worst two-day rout since 1987, as hedge funds bailed out after reports of rising radiation near Tokyo. Many mutual funds were left on the sidelines, leaving them poised to dump shares into any rebound.
The yen tripped on talk of intervention by authorities trying to contain the economic impact from last week’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, but then recovered. The government bond yields

LSE-25 index sheds 59.35pts

LAHORE – The Lahore Stock Market witnessed a bearish trend as LSE-25 index dipped 59.35 points to close at 3,715.48 points. However, the total turnover was 4.329 million shares against yesterday’s 3.897 million shares. Of 122 active shares, 11 improved, 51 gone down while the shares of 60 companies were unchanged. Fauji Fertiliser Bin Qasim, Lotte Pakistan, PTA and Silkbank were volume leaders with 40.61 per share, 15.17 per share and 2.54 per share, respectively. Pakistan Oil Fields

LSE index remains listless

LAHORE – The Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE) remained range-bound on Friday and closed in green zone with a little decline in the volume. The LSE index added 3.99 points to close at 3,839.59 against its opening at 3,835.60 levels. Out of 114 active scrips, 42 went up, 20 went down and 52 closed without any change in their opening values. The volume of the market remained 7.64 million shares, which was 0.5 million shares less than Thursday’s turnover of 8.14 million shares. Fauji

KSE-100 index sustains surge, accumulates 91.42 points

KARACHI – The local bourse underwent bullish activity on Friday as investors’ were confident that the interest rate would stay unaltered and were optimistic of an early introduction of the most-awaited leverage product.
On last trading day of the week, the KSE-100 benchmark maintained the 30-month high, gaining 91.42 points to stand at 12,329.65 points against 12,238.23 points. “Leverage mania lifts the benchmark backed by substantial turnover, for new highs,” viewed Hasnain

KSE-100 index hits 30-month high of 12,389.04 points

KARACHI – Friday saw the Karachi Stocks Exchange (KSE) hitting the 30-month high of 12,389.04 points due to what analysts believe an ease in political uncertainty after the incumbent government responded positively to the popular demand for withdrawing the recent oil price hike.
On the last day of the week, the KSE-100 benchmark witnessed an upsurge of 72.95 points or 0.61 percent as compared to Thursdays’ 12,323.47 points with the intra-day high and low standing, respectively at

KSE-100 index accumulates 56pts

KARACHI: Diversion of $500 million Kerry Lugar funds towards construction activity gave the beneficiary and technically floating in over sold region a technical pull back, thus KSE 100-index gained 56 points.
The KSE 100-index closed at 10,965.99 following accumulation of 56.34 points, while KSE 30-index added 65.45 points to close at 10,596.46. All shares index boosted by 38.44 points to close at 7,641.37.
Ministry of finance presented a revised target for FY11 during the

GST dampens morale as KSE-100 index dips 37 points

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) underwent profit-taking on Thursday with the benchmark KSE-100 Index closing 37 points down at the 10,905 level. Imposition of the 10 percent flood surcharge tax by the government and 15.33 percent CPI for October dampened the morale of the investors.
Volumes remained sluggish and declined by 43 percent to stand at 125 million shares. The second-tier stocks remained in the limelight as TRG closed the day as the volume leader with 17

Lack of energy in investors squeezes KSE-100 index by 63pts

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) closed on a negative note subject to dull activity on Monday. Lack of concrete positive triggers led to profit-taking as the benchmark KSE-100 Index suffered a loss of 63.13 points to close at 10538.27 levels. Investors’ agility continued to shrink as the results season crossed the finish line.
The benchmark index moved within a band of 138 points, while the index touched a high of 10,667 points and slipped down to 10,538 points. There

KSE-100 Index trudges forward

KARACHI: Trading at the Karachi Stock Exchange staggered ahead on Wednesday as the metropolis of Karachi seethes in the grip of alarming chaos, as the KSE-100 Index hit 10,436 in the early trading hours.
However, trading in stable blue chip stocks at lower levels was pivotal in a weak recovery, the benchmark index halting at 10,486, up by 21 points with 104 million shares traded during the day.
The KSE-30 Index closed at 10066.60 with a gain of 11.21 points and the

KSE-100 Index Witnesses Positive Activity And Surges 68 pts

European Union’s duty exemption on unfinished goods showed its positive impact, as the KSE-100 index gained 68 points on Friday.
However, instability in the economic and political situation and the International Monetary Fund’s claim that the release of $ 1.7 billion would be followed by implementation of various stringent inflationary measures kept the nerves alive.
The tranche is expected to be released in December, while the country already holds nine billion dollars for