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Croatia wins EU berth on 20th independence day

Croatia celebrates 20 years of independence with a birthday offering from the EU, which on the eve of the historic anniversary Friday agreed to...

Hyrbyair blames Sardars for delaying Baloch independence

QUETTA - Exiled Baloch leader Nawabzada Hyrbyair Marri, the son of elderly Baloch separatist leader Nawab Khair Bakhs Marri has said that Sardari system was the biggest hurdle in the way of progress and the struggle for independent Balochistan. In an statement issued here on Monday night, Hyrbyair Marri who is in self exile in London said that former dictator Pervez Musharraf was right that he had the support of most of Baloch sardars and said that these tribal chieftains had been

Pakistan greets Bangladesh on Independence Day

ISLAMABAD - Bringing utter shame to the office of the prime minister, Yousaf Raza Gilani's media managers on Friday issued a greeting message for his Bangladeshi counterpart on her country's national day calling it the Independence Day.
The level of the knowledge of the prime minister's media managers was clearly evident from the fact that they did not know that it was Bangladesh's National Day on March 26 and not Independence Day. The headline of the press release issued by the

SC doubts judiciary’s independence if PC rejects JC’s recommendations

ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court on Thursday questioned the independence of the judiciary if the parliamentary committee (PC) on judges' appointment could reject the recommendations of the Judicial Commission of Pakistan (JCP). Justice Khilji Arif Hussain said this while conducting hearing on pleas against the rejection of one-year extension in the service of six additional judges of high courts by the PC.
Other members of the four-member SC bench are Justice Mahmood Akhtar Shahid

Gilani says parliament’s independence is unmatched

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Tuesday came hard on critics of the PPP-led coalition government, saying those calling parliament a rubber stamp should learn that the history had no match for the independence exercised by the incumbent parliament.
"I have been a member of parliament since 1982, except for 1997 and 2002 elections, but I have never seen as independent a parliament the incumbent one. Let me tell you that the past parliament did nothing but chant