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Hundreds of qualified teachers shown the door

LAHORE - Hundreds of Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT) working under the federal government nationwide, have been shown the door without any prior notification, as their three and a half years' contract expired on February 15. The school teachers were initially employed on a two year contract on August 15, 2007 but instead of regularising their services after two years, as promised, they were given another one year contract on August 15, 2009.
They deserved regularisation of their

Hundreds march in Iranian opposition rally

TEHRAN - Hundreds of Iranians marched toward a Tehran square on Monday in a banned rally supporting popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, but their way was blocked by police and security forces, witnesses said. The march was a test of strength for the reformist opposition, which has not taken to the streets since Dec. 2009, when eight people were killed. But Iranian security forces are still unlikely to hesitate to use all means to stop any protest.
Opposition leaders

‘Hundreds of Afghan fighters to lay down arms’

KABUL - As many as 900 Afghan fighters have agreed to lay down their arms, a senior NATO official said on Monday, but it is too soon to say if a drive to bring in low-level fighters can be decisive in curbing bloodshed. Major General Philip Jones, who leads NATO support of the Afghan government's efforts to broker peace with militant factions, said reintegration efforts had begun three or four months ago.
"The pace of people coming into the programme has picked up ... but the

Hundreds rally against drug trade

FAISALABAD - Hundreds of protesters thronged one of the busiest highways of the city to condemn the flourishing drug trade in their area and the poor performance of the local police.
The residents of Gokhuwal village, led by Masood Cheema, gathered at Millat Road. They blocked the incoming and outgoing traffic by burning tyres and staging a sit-in. The protesters alleged the Millat Town police were sheltering drug dealers. They lamented dozens of youth had become addicts owing

Hundreds rally against Tunisia’s new government

TUNIS - Hundreds of Tunisians rallied against their new government on Wednesday, as the leadership tried to defuse public anger over the continued power of the former ruling party and four ministers pulled out.
"Ben Ali has gone to Saudi Arabia! The government should go there too," more than 1,000 protesters chanted in central Tunis, referring to former president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali who fled on Friday after 23 years of iron-fisted rule. "We want a new parliament, a new

Hundreds rally in Tunisia against Ben Ali’s party

TUNIS - Hundreds of people rallied in central Tunis on Monday to demand the abolition of ousted president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's RCD party as police fired volleys of tear gas to break up the protest.
Demonstrators in two towns in the central west also demanded the end of the Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD), members of which are expected to feature in the transitional government due to be unveiled Monday.
"The revolution continues! RCD out!" shouted several hundred

Hundreds killed in Brazil floods, mudslides

TERESOPOLIS - Devastating mudslides and floods swept away entire neighborhoods in mountains near Rio de Janeiro, killing at least 335 people as rescue workers searched frantically for survivors on Thursday. Villages and homes in the three municipalities north of Rio were flattened by rivers of mud and tumbling rocks spilling from the mountains, GloboNews television said. "It's a huge catastrophe, a major disaster," Jorge Mario Sedlacek, the mayor of the worst-hit town of Teresopolis

Indonesian tsunami kills 108, hundreds missing

A tsunami that pounded remote islands in western Indonesia following an earthquake off the coast of Sumatra killed more than 100 people, officials said on Tuesday, and hundreds more were missing.
The 7.5 magnitude quake hit 78 km west of South Pagai, one of the Mentawai islands, late on Monday. Local legislator Hendri Dori Satoko told Metro TV the latest toll was 108 dead and 502 missing.
Most buildings in the coastal village of Betu Monga were destroyed, said