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Holy meds!

Surgical items, medicines worth millions stolen from HFH Surgical items, life saving medicines and other items worth millions have been stolen from the store room of Holy Family hospital (HFH) in the

KK Shahid

Holy war

It takes a sacrilegious video to unite the Muslim world If attacking the US, German, British consulates, killing people who had nothing to do with that sacrilegious video and banning YouTube wasn’t


Calling for a death sentence for both the director and Pastor Terry Jones who supported him, Jamaat-ud-Dawa held a massive rally against a blasphemous movie made by a US director. The participants

Holy cows

The phrase ‘Sacred (or holy) Cow’ denotes something that is considered, perhaps unreasonably, to be above and beyond questioning or criticism. English dictionaries still lack an expression to capture a situation wherein

Cleaning of graveyard

District Central administration has undertaken cleaning of the graveyards in connection with the holy night “Shab-e-Qadar”. Besides removal of bushes from the graveyards, cleaning of roads and all streets leading to the

PHNP members call on Holy See envoy

A five-member delegation of the Peace and Harmony Network Pakistan (PHNP) called on ambassador to Vatican Edgar Pena Parra at the Embassy of the Holy See in Islamabad, a press release said