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ICC mace to be handed to Strauss

India’s 20-month reign as world number one Test side will formally end when England captain Andrew Strauss is handed the ICC Mace after the final Test. Strauss will receive the ICC Mace

Panjshir handed over to Afghans

NATO troops on Sunday handed control of the Panjshir valley, a fiercely anti-Taliban province, to Afghan forces in the last of a series of security transitions. Panjshir, around 130 kilometres northeast of

Moonis handed over challan in NICL case

LAHORE – A special judge banking offence (central) on Monday adjourned the hearing of the NICL scam against Moonis Elahi until April 19. Earlier, the court provided the accused with copies of the challan that was submitted on orders of the judge. As per details, FIA produced Moonis in the court seeking adjournment for preparing the challan against the accused. The defence lawyer argued that FIA was deliberately delaying the proceedings to mentally torture the accused.
He further

Cricket champions India handed fake trophy ?

LAHORE – India was seized by a growing controversy as it was revealed that there was more than one trophy and that India was presented with a different one from that given to previous Cricket World Cup winners, according to a report in The Telegraph newspaper.
The report said while the final was being played, that original trophy was locked in a Customs warehouse in Mumbai as £30,000 of duty had not been paid by the ICC for its release. Cricketing officials said the Indian team

Davis should be handed over to the US: Fauzia

Rawalpindi – US national Raymond Davis is a diplomat and will be treated according to the Vienna Convention and handed over to the US, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Member of the National Assembly (MNA) Fauzia Wahab said on Tuesday. She was speaking at a seminar at the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) on the Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST).
Fauzia said that if Pakistan wants to contest the Davis case, it would have to approach an American court. The PPP MNA

Punjab should be handed over to Army, says MQM

KARACHI – Criminal activity has risen by 109 percent in Punjab, therefore the province should be handed over to the army to curb the rising violence and terrorism, members of the MQM Rabita Committee said on Sunday.
They also alleged that criminals in Punjab were being protected by industrialists and landowners in the province, while the police were busy torturing and killing innocent citizens. They said that the situation was particularly alarming in those areas of the province

Stowaway’s body handed over to parents

LAHORE – The badly-crushed body of 15-year-old Qasim Siddique, who died after falling from a Dubai-bound plane a few days ago, was handed over to his parents on Thursday. Qasim, a resident of Naqshbandi Bazaar, Baghbanpura, studied in Matric at the Al-Hadi Foundation School.
Qasim’s close Ali Jamshed, a resident of the same area also accompanied him in trying to escape to Dubai and is feared dead. Qasim’s body was lying on roof of a house owned by Haji Afzal in A-Block,