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Fatah, Hamas start talks on new govt

Talks between Hamas and Fatah to hammer out details of a joint Palestinian government began in Cairo on Monday after Egypt brokered a deal to end their four-year feud. The discussions centre

Radicals hang Italian kidnapped in Gaza: Hamas

GAZA CITY – A radical group hanged an Italian activist Friday hours after kidnapping him in Gaza, Hamas said, as Rome denounced the murder.
The pro-Palestinian activist was found hanged in a house north of Gaza City, the ruling Hamas government said.
“The government media office denounces the criminal kidnapping and murder of an Italian solidarity activist… who was found by security hanging in an abandoned house in northern Gaza,” it said.
Hamas said two suspected

Israel and Hamas look to end Gaza flare-up

GAZA – Israel and the Gaza Strip’s Hamas rulers signalled on Sunday they were looking to end a flare-up in violence that began this week with a missile attack on an Israeli school bus and has claimed the lives of 19 Palestinians.
The fighting stoked fears of a larger escalation that could include an Israeli ground incursion into the coastal territory, reminiscent of a Gaza war that erupted in late 2008.
But Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak said Hamas had already been

Israel, Hamas fail to make progress on violations probe: UN

GENEVA – Both Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas have failed to make credible progress in investigating claims of war crimes committed during the 2008 conflict in Gaza, a UN committee said on Monday.
In a report presented to the UN Human Rights Council, Mary McGowan Davis, who heads the committee, acknowledged that Israel has dedicated “significant resources to investigate over 400 allegations of operational misconduct in Gaza.” However, only a fraction of these

‘Unity’ protesters held by Hamas in Gaza

GAZA CITY – Hamas police on Monday detained at least six protesters at a Gaza City demonstration calling for unity between the Islamist group and its bitter West Bank rival Fatah. The arrests came a day after Hamas police held five demonstrators from the unity movement as they marched past Gaza City’s Shifa hospital on their way to rally in front of the legislative building. A media coordinator for the unity movement in Gaza told AFP that the six people held on Monday were detained at

PM Fayyad proposes unity govt with Hamas

RAMALLAH – Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad has proposed forming a unity government with Hamas, under which the Islamist group would have responsibility for security in Gaza. Speaking to Palestinian journalists late on Monday, Fayyad said the “security concept” applied by Hamas in Gaza, where the group has sought to enforce a ceasefire with Israel, could provide common ground.
“The security concept practised by Hamas in the Gaza Strip should be brought under an official

Israel says London home to Hamas hub

JERUSALEM – Israel’s defence ministry has accused a London-based Palestinian centre of “terror-affiliated activities” and being the organisational arm of the militant Islamic Hamas movement in Europe. Hamas,
which controls the Gaza Strip and advocates violent opposition to the Jewish state, is designated by the European Union as a terrorist organisation. An Israeli defence ministry statement issued on Tuesday said that the Palestinian Return Centre organises conferences in