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Politics overshadows Haiti earthquake anniversary

Politics overshadows Haiti earthquake anniversary

PORT-AU-PRINCE – Haitians on Tuesday were marking the one-year anniversary of a devastating earthquake, against the backdrop of a looming post-election report that could stoke political unrest.
Former US President Bill Clinton, who is helping to coordinate international rebuilding efforts, was expected to take part in the official ceremonies marking the anniversary of the catastrophic earthquake, which killed some 220,000 people and flattened the western hemisphere’s poorest

Ambassadors urge Haiti to trust in vote review committee

PORT-AU-PRINCE: Key ambassadors to Haiti called on the country’s leaders to resolve a post-election crisis, which has been aggravated by a controversial vote recount expected to begin on Monday.
Envoys from the United Nations, the United States, the Organization of American States and the European Union urged Haiti’s presidential candidates to avoid violence by pursuing legal means to challenge the election results. The joint statement, on the eve of a Provisional Electoral

Protests in Haiti capital contest election results

PORT-AU-PRINCE: Hundreds of protesters blocked streets with burning barricades in parts of the Haitian capital on Wednesday to contest results of troubled elections that are also being questioned by the United States.
The protesters, some carrying sticks, shouted slogans in support of Michel Martelly, a popular musician and presidential candidate who failed to go through to a second round of voting. Preliminary results from the Nov. 28 first-round elections were announced by

Expert report says Haiti cholera outbreak came from UN camp

PARIS: The cholera outbreak ravaging Haiti began at a camp for UN peacekeepers from Nepal, according to an expert report submitted to the French foreign ministry, a source close to the matter told AFP Tuesday.
Respected French epidemiologist Professor Renaud Piarroux conducted a study in Haiti last month and concluded the epidemic began with an imported strain of the disease and broke out at the Nepalese base, the official said.
Foreign ministry spokesman Bernard Valero

Disaster-ravaged Haiti begins voting in key elections

PORT-AU-PRINCE: Haitians early Sunday began voting for a new president and lawmakers in an election marred by violence and concerns about fraud, while a cholera epidemic eats away at the earthquake-ravaged country.
Voters will choose a successor to President Rene Preval, who is not running for re-election, as well as 11 of the country’s 30 senators and all 99 parliamentary deputies in the landmark vote.
Balloting began in most of the country shortly before 6:00 am (1100

Nepal reinforces peacekeepers after Haiti riots

KATHMANDU: The Nepalese army on Tuesday said it had reinforced protection of its peacekeepers in Haiti after they were attacked by crowds angry over a cholera outbreak blamed by some on the soldiers.
Two people were killed in the riots on Monday.
Nepal, which has more than 1,000 soldiers working with the United Nations mission in Haiti, said “false rumours” that its soldiers were to blame for the cholera could have been the reason they were targeted.
“We are concerned.

UN appeals for Haiti cholera aid to avoid being ‘overrun’

GENEVA: The United Nations on Friday appealed for nearly 164 million dollars in aid to tackle cholera in Haiti and avoid being “overrun” by the growing epidemic.
“We hope we can get this otherwise all our efforts will be overrrun by the epidemic,” said Elisabeth Byrs, a spokeswoman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).
Byrs said UN, other aid agencies and Haiti’s health ministry needed 163.8 million dollars for a strategy to stifle the

Tomas regains hurricane force, soaks Haiti camps

PORT-AU-PRINCE: Tropical Storm Tomas re-strengthened to a hurricane on Friday as it headed between Cuba and Haiti, drenching with overnight rain crowded tent and tarpaulin camps housing vulnerable Haitian earthquake survivors.
Although some camp dwellers in Haiti’s capital, homeless from the Jan. 12 quake, were able to evacuate to more secure shelter with family or friends, or in schools and public buildings, hundreds of thousands spent the night under dripping plastic and

Haiti cholera toll tops 250

A multinational medical response has slowed deaths in a Haitian cholera epidemic that has killed more than 250 people so far, but the outbreak is likely to widen, a senior UN official said.
“We must gear up for a serious epidemic, even though we hope it won’t happen,” said Nigel Fisher, the UN humanitarian coordinator in Haiti. More than 3,000 cholera cases have been reported so far in the poor, quake-hit Caribbean nation, which is experiencing its

Cholera epidemic in quake-hit Haiti kills 135

A cholera epidemic in northern Haiti has claimed 135 lives and infected 1,500 people, an official said Thursday amid concerns of a wider outbreak in the impoverished nation.
The epidemic has grown in the past few days but has not yet reached the major displaced persons camps in and around the capital Port-au-Prince, which was ravaged by a 7.0 earthquake in January that left 1.2 million people homeless.
But officials fear an outbreak in densely populated tent