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Truck crash kills 23 in Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE A truck filled with food and street vendors overturned on Saturday in Haiti, killing 23 people and wounding two dozen others. “The passengers were crammed inside the vehicle surrounded by products,”

Haitians protest against government

Thousands of young Haitians demonstrated in several cities demanding that President Michel Martelly step down. In the capital of Port-au-Prince, demonstrators from multiple neighborhoods converged on the US embassy to denounce what

Carnival king is new leader of quake-hit Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE – Michel Martelly, a carnival singer with a colorful past who seized the mantle of change, is Haiti’s new president after storming to a landslide victory, preliminary results showed.
The 50-year-old faces the huge challenge of rebuilding the Caribbean nation, which was the poorest country in the Americas even before a January 2010 earthquake flattened the capital Port-au-Prince and killed more than 225,000 people.
Martelly, with 67.57 percent of the vote,

Shakira helps rebuild quake-hit Haiti girls school

PORT-AU-PRINCE – Colombian pop star Shakira pledged $400,000 on Thursday to help rebuild a school for girls in Haiti that was severely damaged during the country’s devastating earthquake last year.
The Grammy award winner and songwriter announced the contribution during a visit to the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince, where she danced and sang with students of the Elie Dubois public school.

Carnival seeks to rid Haiti of its ills

PORT-AU-PRINCE – Some danced in memory of quake victims and others dressed as “Mrs Cholera” as Haitians marked the return of carnival hoping to exorcise some of the tragedies that have plagued the nation.
Last year’s celebrations were canceled after the massive January 12 earthquake that killed more than 220,000 people, left 1.2 million homeless and ravaged the Port-au-Prince capital region.
Since then a killer cholera epidemic has swept the country, and Haiti was plunged