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Google goes ‘Gaga’

Pop diva Lady Gaga has thrilled Google employees during a visit to the internet giant's headquarters in which she answered questions from tech-savvy fans. She broke from her Monster Ball tour on Tuesday for an interview with Google's Marissa Mayer, who asked the singer questions submitted using Twitter or through a Google Moderator service at her YouTube channel.
"The superstar wowed a crowd in a venue that was packed to the rafters with adoring Googlers (Google employees)," the

Brown goes wild after TV quiz

Security guards were called to the set of Good Morning America on Tuesday after Chris Brown allegedly suffered a meltdown and smashed a window in a furious rage. The pop star made an appearance on the TV show to promote his new music, and after performing he was interviewed by host Robin Roberts in New York's Times Square. The 'Kiss Kiss' hitmaker became increasingly annoyed by questions about his past legal troubles, including his 2009 assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna.
He told

Mohali goes crazy at prospect of Pakistan semi

With India-Pakistan semifinal clash in the World Cup a theoretical possibility, tickets have been selling like hot cakes for match scheduled on March 30 to be hosted by Punjab Cricket Association stadium. If India win against Australia and Pakistan beat West Indies in their quarterfinal ties, the arch-rivals will meet at Mohali, one of the two semifinal venues.
"If both India and Pakistan win their quarterfinal games, Mohali will be able to witness a dream match," an excited

Davis case judge goes on leave

LAHORE - District and Sessions Judge Yousaf Ojla, who conducted the hearing of the double murder trial of Raymond Davis, went on a leave on Thursday. According to a local TV channel, Judge Ojla did not appear in the court on Thursday.
Initially, he asked for a day's leave, however, according said he might extend the leave for to an indefinite period. The apparent reason for his leave at such a time is said to be mere coincidence, but the real motive is yet to be ascertained.

Supply mechanism goes out of whack

LAHORE - Vegetable prices fell for the second consecutive week at various Sunday Bazaars in the city.
Customers complained about a lack of products at the bazaar. People were seen searching for vegetables but had to suffer due to an artificial shortage created by the price mechanism. Housewife Amna Tariq said that overcharging and a lack of fruits and vegetables has become a hallmark of Sunday Bazaars.
Vendors said that the administration fixed the prices without a proper

City govt goes for head start in spreading road safety awareness

KARACHI - Students from class I to IV in the City District Government Karachi (CDGK) schools will be taught about road safety, emergency, disaster and rescue issues in their curriculum. A sub-committee has also been formed by the CDGK's Transport and Communication Department (TCD) while the CDGK will be supported by the NED University faculty and the Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Traffic.
According to the minutes of a recently held meeting, the TCD executive district officer

Bomb goes off early in Peshawar mosque, no casualties

PESHAWAR - A bomb exploded prematurely inside a mosque in Peshawar shortly before prayers on Friday but caused no loss of life, the police said. The bomb detonated 90 minutes before the usual 150, by when a strong congregation was supposed to gather at the mosque in Bhadha Bher village in the suburbs of Peshawar.
"It was a timed device and the target was the Friday gathering but it exploded prematurely," Kalam Khan, a senior police officer, told AFP, adding that the bomb caused

Miniature art – a craft that goes back centuries

KARACHI - Miniature art is a specialty fine art form. Although many people think drawing or painting miniatures is a faster type of art to create, it actually takes just as long or sometimes longer to complete a miniature than it does to do a larger artwork. This can be because it takes time to mentally downsize a reference photo.
There are many artists who create average or large drawings or paintings, but only a few artists are skilled or disciplined enough to produce

Faisalabad goes Basanti despite ban

FAISALABAD - The citizens of Faisalabad celebrated Basant with all pomp and show violating the Punjab government's ban on kite-flying as the sky was clouded with the rainbow of colours emanating from the thousands of kites that ruled the city's air-space until sunset.
A heavy contingence of police was deployed at different points in the city to pose an effective deterrence to the violators but the strategy did not work much as the city sounded with the thunders of frequent

Telefilm ‘Ehd-e-Wafa’ goes on air today

LAHORE - 'Ehd-e-Wafa', sixth and the last telefilm of the season one of the drama series, 'Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay', will be aired today on PTV Home at 7:40 pm. The telefilm is based on real life story of two childhood friends Lt Atif Qayyum and Lt Zeeshan Khan, who embraced 'shahadat' during operation Rah-e-Raast in Swat and South Waziristan in 2009.
It has been written by Zafar Meraj and has been directed by Amir Yousaf. Cast includes Nirvaan Nadeem, Capt Imran Khan, Firdous

Clean drinking water project goes down the drain

ISLAMABAD - Because of ill planning and coordination among the concerned official quarters, Clean Drinking Water for All (CDWA) Programme has failed to achieve its objectives of improving the quality of drinking water by building countrywide water treatment facilities and hence millions of rupees earmarked for the project were lost.
This project, started by the Ministry of Environment, was prepared at cost Rs 7871.74 million and was cleared by ECNEC in April 2006. Later the

NIE old machinery purchase fraud goes unnoticed

ISLAMABAD - The management of National Institute of Electronics (NIE) appears to be hushing up a case against one of its employee who had allegedly purchased an old prototype Printed Circuit Board (PCB) machine worth Rs 40 million depriving national exchequer of over Rs 25 million, the present cost of the new machines being Rs 15 million.
A source in the NIE told Pakistan Today that no case had been initiated by the management for the purchase of the machine in 2009. "After the

Attacker of Danish cartoonist goes on trial

AARHUS - A Somali man charged with trying to kill the cartoonist behind the most controversial of the Danish caricatures of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) only admitted to breaking in with an illegal weapon when his trial opened Wednesday.
Mohamed Geele, 29, had been set to appear before the district court in the central Danish town of Aarhus, but the hearing was moved to the larger Appeals Court to fit in the throngs of reporters and other onlookers who braved tight security to follow

CBS concerned about Charlie Sheen but show goes on

LOS ANGELES - CBS television said on Friday it was highly concerned about the personal life of 'Two and a Half Men' star Charlie Sheen but gave no indication it planned to yank the top-rated U.S. comedy off the air. "We have a high level of concern. How could we not?" CBS entertainment President Nina Tassler told television journalists, responding to questions about persistent reports of drinking and partying by Sheen.
"On a basic human level, there is concern that this man is a

M9 website goes down hours after launch

ISLAMABAD - The website of the recently launched mobile phone brand M9 of China Mobile's subsidiary Zong collapsed due to heavy traffic on Friday, an informed source disclosed.
M9, a new offer from Zong, received a tremendous response in the first few hours and its website was unable to sustain the traffic and crashed.
The sudden collapse of the web portal was rectified after three hours. The web portal is at present booking mobile numbers based on lucky numbers promising

Lahore Gymkhana goes to polls today

LAHORE - Hectic lobbying and canvassing reaches its epitome for the coveted slot of chairman Lahore Gymkhana, as the panel led by incumbent chairman and prominent businessman Misbaurrehman come face-to-face with the panel led by a retired bureaucrat Ziaurehman on Thursday.
Efforts on collective and individual levels have been witnessed prior to the elections for throughout December. Both panels threw dinners and parties in Lahore Gymkhana to contact and woo maximum number of

PBC goes to polls today

ISLAMABAD/LAHORE: Fifty-seven candidates will be vying for 22 seats of the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC), as the eminent body of lawyers goes to polls today (Wednesday) at the provincial bar councils.
According to Attorney General for Pakistan Anwarul Haq, who is the ex-officio chairman of the PBC and also the returning officer, 57 candidates would be in the run from all provinces. Members of provincial bar councils will be voting to elect 22 PBC members from their respective