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Copts on global Christmas alert after Egypt bombing

Copts on global Christmas alert after Egypt bombing

LONDON – Coptic Christians around the world are on alert for possible copycat attacks ahead of their Christmas on Friday after Islamist radicals hailed a deadly church bombing in Egypt apparently inspired by Al Qaeda.
Coptic communities point to messages on websites maintained by Islamist extremists calling for attacks on Coptic churches in various countries and a surge in sectarian anti-Christian rhetoric in statements by Al Qaeda offshoots in recent months.
The Jan. 1

Nasir takes helm of JS Global

KARACHI – JS Global Capital Limited (JS Global) has appointed Muhammad Kamran Nasir as its chief executive officer, the company informed the Karachi Stock Exchange.
It said the new chief executive had taken the helm of the firm from January 1, 2011 this year and had replaced Nadir Rahman. However, the appointment of Nasir was subject to the KSE’s nod.

Global Hospitals, India here in Pakistan

KARACHI: Hospitals Group (GHG) Vice President International Business Khalid Rasheed, based in India, in an exclusive interview to Pakistan Today said that he had conducted his visit to meet representatives of the health ministry, directors of private hospitals and to offer the general services of Global Hospitals for the betterment of health sector.
He revealed that a major goal was to inculcate awareness and ultimately to provide the liver transplant facility the Global

Pakistan calls for revamping global financial system

NEW YORK: Pakistan Friday called for the early restructuring of the international financial system so that it may better serve the needs of developing countries and reduce its vulnerability to financial crisis in the future.
“I would like to emphasize that solutions to global problems are based upon open, inclusive and transparent processes,” Senate Chairman Farooq H Naek said during the annual parliamentary hearing held at UN Headquarters in New York.
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Strict UK visa policy global, not Pakistan-specific: UK HC

ISLAMABAD: The restriction on migration from non-European states to United Kingdom was global and not Pakistan-specific, UK High Commissioner Adam Thomson said in a press conference on Wednesday.
“The UK’s coalition government seeks to tighten migration taking place from all non-European Union states,” he said. Steps were recently taken by the UK government to reduce the number of people migrating for work or residence to create more job opportunities for British citizens,

UN says global food prices poised to rise further

ROME: Global food import bills may cross the $1 trillion mark in 2010, says a new UN report, which warns that harder times could be ahead without a major increase in food production next year.
According to the latest edition of the Food Outlook report, released by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), food import bills for the world’s poorest countries are predicted to rise 11 per cent in 2010 and by 20 percent for low-income food-deficit countries.
“With the

Weakened Obama tested on global stage

MUMBAI: United States President Barack Obama’s Asia trip has turned into an early test of whether the US president’s global goals and prestige will survive his weakened grip on domestic power, following a painful rebuke from voters.
In India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan, Obama is trying to pull off the trick of advancing a still ambitious foreign policy, while reducing high unemployment left barely touched by the sluggish economic recovery. Obama once jetted the globe as the

Global powers, Iran support Afghan talks

ROME: Global powers on Monday gave their backing to Afghanistan’s efforts to negotiate with the Taliban and set conditions for the gradual handover of power from foreign troops to local security forces.
The high-level talks on Afghanistan in Rome brought together representatives from 46 countries and international organisations, including for the first time Iran and the OIC. “We want to go in this direction of a realistic aim which is sufficient stability for Afghanistan and

India cotton seen up on global prices, demand

MUMBAI: Indian cotton is likely to edge up this week tracking higher global prices and on good domestic demand, but an arrival delay that spilled into exports, already capped at 5.5 million bales, may limit gains, traders said on Monday. “Domestic prices are on the boil. Our exporters are getting very good prices even as only 5.5 million bales are allowed for export,” said an official with the federal textile ministry.
Indian cotton dealers, buoyed by tight global supplies and

Lisa Ray’s on a global mission

Lisa Ray, who has battled cancer successfully through stem cell transplantation, has turned into a global advocator of the same, for cancer patients.
The actor is ready to travel to any corner of the world to speak on the subject and answer questions and provide insight into the science of stem cell transplant.
She will be on a hurricane tour for about three days to India on the October 23 and 24. She is visiting the city as a keynote speaker on stem cell technology and