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AD&SJ orders SHO to inquire into gay marriage case

Additional District and Sessions Judge Javaid Sindhu on Wednesday directed Sabzazaar Police Station Station House Officer (SHO) to conduct an inquiry against Salman Talib...

Malaysia’s first gay film a box office hit

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia's first gay-themed movie has been a hit at the box office but an official from the conservative party on Thursday called for it to be banned despite its anti-homosexual ending.
'Dalam Botol' ('Inside a Bottle') raked in one million Ringgits ($330,000) in the first five days, making it a local hit despite Malaysia's conservative views on homosexuality. The movie, which opened on March 24, features a gay male character who has a sex-change operation to

Gay media group awards Ricky Martin

Latin pop star Ricky Martin was honored by media group GLAAD for his work as a role model at a gala held on Saturday where he urged people to spread gay rights throughout Latin America.
"I just want to be free. I can say, today I am free," the Puerto Rican singer said at New York's Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Media Awards, which recognize the best portrayals of gay community members in film, television, radio, music, newspapers and blogs.

Gay pride’s space of no prejudice

KARACHI - Two young men donning blue caps entered the Artillery Maidan Park near the Sindh Governor House on Sunday, some two hours before their friends arrived. As on a typical Sunday afternoon, young men were busy playing cricket, older citizens were playing cards, and some were jogging to loose weight. No one noticed them.
Slowly but surely, after the two men informed their friends over cell phones that security was adequate, other blue cap-donning men started arriving at the

England’s Davies says he is gay

LONDON - England wicketkeeper Steven Davies has announced he is gay, saying it was a "massive relief" to speak openly about his sexuality. Davies told the Daily Telegraph he had told his international colleagues about his sexuality after being called up for the Ashes Tour to Australia starting last year. "I'm comfortable with who I am and happy to say who I am in public," said Davies, who did not make England's World Cup squad.
He added: "This is the right time for me ... I feel

Girl killed gay man in ” attack

LONDON: An 18-year-old girl was facing jail on Thursday after being found guilty of a homophobic attack which one witness described as being like something out of the film "A Clockwork Orange".
Former public schoolgirl Ruby Thomas was convicted of the manslaughter of 62-year-old Ian Baynham, who died 18 days after the drink-fuelled assault in London's Trafalgar Square.
The court heard she smiled as she "put the boot into" Baynham after he was knocked to the ground by

Indian gay pride parade draws thousands

NEW DELHI: Thousands of people danced, sang and cheered through the streets of Delhi on Sunday in a colourful and vibrant celebration for the first gay pride parade since gay sex was made legal in India.
Under a huge rainbow flag, to the sound of drums, whistles and horns, 2,000 gay activists and supporters clad in feather face masks shouted slogans and waved placards as they marched through the capital of this still sexually conservative country.
"Today is about saying

Ryder puzzled by gay joke outrage

NEW YORK: Winona Ryder was stunned by the outcry over a 'gay' joke in new film 'The Dilemma,' insisting she would not be part of a movie she thought was offensive.
Officials at the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) organisation demanded the axing of a scene from the upcoming movie after a preview clip showed Vince Vaughn's character tell a room of people, "Ladies and gentlemen, electric cars... are gay."
Ron Howard opted to keep the scene in the final cut