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Nawaz will be invited once PML forms alliance, says Salim Saifullah

It is wrong to assume that various factions of the Pakistan Muslim League are seeking an alliance to come to power, rather the move should be seen in a broader perspective, PML-Q likeminded President Salim Saifullah Khan said on Saturday.
Addressing a press conference, Khan said the first meeting of the All Pakistan Muttahida Muslim League would be held in Lahore very soon. "I called on PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif almost two years ago for the same purpose and the

Dutch PM-elect Forms Government backed by Anti-Islam MP

Wilders has been campaigning for an end to Muslim immigration, a ban on the building of new mosques and a head scarf tax.
Dutch Prime Minister-elect Mark Rutte on Friday started work to forge a new rightist, minority government that will rely heavily on the support of anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders.
With Wilders support expected to come at the cost of a burqa ban and a halving of immigration, Rutte met his future vice-premier, Maxime Verhagen, leader of the Christian Democratic