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Rival rejects Nigeria vote result, thousands flee unrest

KANO – The Muslim opposition candidate in Nigeria’s presidential polls rejected the results Wednesday but urged calm after deadly post-election riots, amid a rush to help nearly 40,000 displaced. Authorities say many were killed the violence, which saw corpses burnt beyond recognition and bodies reportedly thrown into wells, but have refused to give a toll, saying it could spark reprisals and would be inaccurate.
There were reports of fresh clashes in the northern state of

Some 10,000 Libyans flee to Tunisia: UNHCR

GENEVA – Some 10,000 Libyans have fled in the last 10 days from the besieged Western Mountains region to Tunisia, the UN refugee agency said Tuesday. “UNHCR is seeing a growing number of Libyan refugees arriving in Tunisia from Libya’s Western Mountains regions,” said Andrej Mahecic, spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. “This past weekend, some 6,000 Libyan nationals arrived in the Dehiba area of southern Tunisia. Overall, we estimate that 10,000 Libyans have crossed

7 accused dope guard, flee from lock up

CHICHAWATNI – Seven accused criminals managed to escape from Saddar police station after cutting iron bars of the lock up late on Sunday night.
DPO Sahiwal Rana Ayaz Saleem said on Monday that the criminals doped the guard on duty by giving him food mixed with intoxicants, and then escaped by cutting the bars of the window.
Police blocked all the entry and exit points of the area and was searching for the outlaws – Arshad, Shahbaz, Akram, Imtiaz, Yusuf, Nawaz, and Mithu.

About 34,000 people flee South Sudan tribal clashes

JUBA – About 34,000 southern Sudanese have fled their homes after tribal clashes over land, water and cattle in recent weeks, a UN humanitarian official said, adding to southern troubles before independence in July.
The oil-rich south voted overwhelmingly to separate from the north in a January referendum, promised as part of a 2005 peace deal that ended decades of civil war in Sudan. At least two million died in the war, which destabilised much of the region.
The euphoria

Death toll hits 11, hundreds flee Philippine clash

COTABATO – Hundreds of residents fled a remote Philippine village after 11 men including relatives of a powerful politician died in a clash with Muslim rebels, officials said Monday.
A 500-strong armoured army unit deployed in the deserted village of Tenok on Monday, a day after the clash, to keep about 150 gun-wielding clan members and 130 guerrillas apart, said local military spokesman Colonel Prudencio Asto.
“They would not want to engage our people, who are fully

100,000 flee Libya to escape violence, says UNHCR

GENEVA – The UN refugee agency said Sunday that about 100,000 foreign migrants, mainly Egyptians and Tunisians, have fled Libya to neighbouring countries during the past week of turmoil.
“UNHCR emergency teams are working with Tunisian and Egyptian authorities and NGOs (non governmental organisations) to support the migrants,” officer of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said in a statement. The Red Crescent said the migrants entered at the Ras Jedir post on Saturday.

Terrified foreigners flee Libyan ‘hell’

LONDON – Foreigners told Thursday of hellish scenes in Tripoli as they fled the chaos engulfing Libya, with countries worldwide urgently trying to get their nationals out. Thousands of foreigners packed Tripoli’s airport hoping to escape the widening crisis, with those who managed to leave describing anarchic scenes, with food and water supplies running low. Governments sent planes and ships in a bid to rescue their citizens from the mounting lawlessness as Libyan leader Moamer

25,000 flee tribal areas: UN

GENEVA – Some 25,000 people have fled in just a week from the Tribal Areas following a military campaign launched against the militants, a UN official said on Friday. Should the fighting intensify against the insurgents in the region, up to 90,000 people could be driven out of their homes by the end of February, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spokesman Adrian Edwards said.
The UN built two new camps to host people fleeing the Sagi and Dawezai areas since

Thousands flee Brisbane, flash floods kill 10

BRISBANE – Thousands of people fled central Brisbane on Tuesday as the panicked city braced for its worst flooding in 120 years, after terrifying flash floods left 10 dead and 78 missing nearby.
Workers evacuated en masse after the Brisbane River burst its banks and officials said 6,500 properties and the downtown area would be hit in Australia’s third largest city, which was facing its biggest floods since 1893. “This water is on its way,” said Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell