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Olympic flag fail

A flag malfunction punctures Serena Williams’ golden moment on the podium after her triumph over Maria Sharapova in the London 2012 Ladies Gold Medal match. As the Star Spangled Banner sounded in

NTC flag at UN marks ‘new Libya’

The United Nations in Geneva has decided to display a new flag representing Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC). In the presence of Libyan UN ambassador Ibrahim Aldredi, the green, black and red

Virgin F1 team to race under Russian flag

LONDON – Virgin Racing will compete with a Russian licence this season as part of their partnership with sportscar maker Marussia Motors, the Formula One team said on Monday. Team president Graeme Lowdon told Reuters at the launch of the new MVR-02 car that Virgin had obtained the agreement of Britain’s governing body, the Motor Sports Association (MSA), to make the switch.
“There’s actually quite close links between the MSA and the Russian federation and there’s a lot of

Texan ballot papers sent out with flag of Chile

Texan ballot officials have accidentally sent out ballot papers with the Chilean national flag on it rather than the flag of Texas. For several years officials in Atascosa County, south of San Antonio, had sent out the insert containing what they thought was their state flag on it to absentee voters.
The mistake went unnoticed until a Ph.D student living in Japan alerted the authorities.
Troy Knudson said, “Apparently the insert has been used for some time without anyone