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Fiscal cliff may unbuild America

If you want a concrete example of the unanticipated harm that could come from the U.S. going over the fiscal cliff, look no further than Build America Bonds, an efficient alternative way

Exports > imports

The exports from the country witnessed positive growth of 4.26 percent while the imports decreased by 2.37 percent during the first quarter of the current fiscal year, indicating a positive trends in

Even things out!

A new U.N. report advocates that governments use fiscal and labour market policies to reduce income inequality, maintaining that this not only leads to social benefits but will spur economic growth and

Saving our fiscal soul

The recently concluded FY12 augured well for the country which saw the countrymen managing to save a huge sum of over Rs 242 billion despite a persistent backbreaking double-digit inflation. This saved

A cry beyond borders

Only improved foreign inflows can help as cash-strapped govt keeps borrowing billions from risk-averse banks Having borrowed a record Rs 1.2 trillion from the banking system, the cash-strapped government keeps its focus

Rs 208.5b subsidy planned for FY13

The federal government has earmarked Rs 208.595 billion in subsidies for the next fiscal year against last year’s allocation of Rs 166.448 billion, showing an increase of 25.32 percent. The announcement was