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Buzz Aldrin wants a lunar base first

Buzz Aldrin wants a lunar base first

The second man to walk on the moon perplexed over NASA’s decision to ignore the planet
Permanent, manned moon base would make reaching Mars much easier: Aldrin
The road to Mars leads right past the moon. So why isn’t a return trip on the agenda?
That’s what Buzz Aldrin wants to know. President Obama recently green-lighted a brand new mission and a new budget for NASA, including a grand long-term goal: a manned mission to Mars. But Aldrin, the second man to walk on the

First Haj flight departs

The PIA’s first Haj flight with 326 pilgrims left Quetta for Jeddah on Tuesday. Provincial Haj and Zakat Secretary Roheel Baloch, Haj Director Muhammad Younis Dar and PIA officials saw off the pilgrims at the airport amid tight security. A total of 11,500 pilgrims from Balochistan are going on Haj through 33 flights, till November 11.