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Ireland aid plan next week, contagion fears persist

BRUSSELS: A financial aid plan to help Ireland cope with its battered banks will be unveiled next week, EU sources said on Friday. However, experts warned that a rescue may not be enough to prevent contagion in the single currency bloc.
The rise in euro and investors demand to buy Irish and other peripheral euro zone debt instead of benchmark German bonds narrowed in a sign of optimism that an aid deal for Dublin will be sealed soon. However, a poll of participants at a

Aamir fears masses may not like ‘Dhobi Ghat’

MUMBAI: Superstar Aamir Khan says his forthcoming film "Dhobi Ghat", which is his wife Kiran Rao's directorial debut, may not be liked by the masses. "I fear that masses may not like 'Dhobi Ghat' because it is a very fine and delicate film.
People who understand film, people who are sensitive - this film is for them. This is not a mainstream film," said Aamir. "Dhobi Ghat" tells the tale of how people from different classes are drawn together in compelling relationships.

Auto industry fears rising tide of smuggling

The automobile spare parts industry is suffering an annual loss of at least Rs 3.5 billion due to smuggling, hand baggage, as well as false declarations and invoicing during legal imports at sea and dry ports, representatives of the industry told Pakistan Today on Tuesday.
The automobile industry has displayed marvellous progress in the last ten years but the auto parts industry is facing huge and mounting losses in the face of the aforementioned problems. They have

Pakistan Steel CEO allays dealers’ fears

KARACHI: The Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan Steel Mills has claimed that the Federal Investigation Agency would not harass dealers and assured safety if dealers engage in business with the mills.
Imtiaz Lodhi asserted this in a meeting with the dealers of Karachi, while he was trying his utmost to convince dealers to engage in business with the mills. The CEO said he would make sure that the FIA do not harass dealers and is ready to provide surety in writing.

Lady Gaga fears being killed

Pop sensation Lady Gaga has fan phobia and fears that she will end up like Beatles legend John Lennon, who was killed by a crazy admirer in 1980. The 'Paparazzi' hitmaker is so paranoid about being murdered by a fan that she insists on round-the-clock protection by her bodyguards. The eccentric singer has even boosted the security of her New York apartment and reportedly makes her bodyguard watch over her while she sleeps. Gaga is terrified that she may meet with the same fate like