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Extremism, kidnappings take gloss away from Holi celebrations

KARACHI – Hindus would not be able to celebrate their religious festival Holi with traditional enthusiasm due to the recent floods, kidnappings for ransom of adults and children from Sindh and Balochistan, and increasing religious extremism.
Residents of several towns and cities of Sindh – the hub of Pakistani Hindus – have announced that they would observe the festival with simplicity for various reasons.
Holi – the festival of spring – would be observed on Saturday and

Modern education can end extremism: CM

LAHORE – Our future as a nation is linked with modern education and it can help us find our deliverance from the extremism and terrorism, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said here Wednesday. He was addressing at a briefing on education reforms, for schools in Punjab, devised by British educationist Sir Michael Barber. He said that Punjab government was implementing a comprehensive programme for overhauling the education sector.
Mujtaba Shuja, Saira Afzal, chairman of Punjab

Pakistan needs allies’ patience and help as it battles extremism

LAHORE – In a report published by the Washington Post on Saturday, President Asif Ali Zardari wrote that just days before her assassination, his wife, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, wrote presciently of the war within Islam and the potential for a clash between Islam and the West, “There is an internal tension within Muslim society. The failure to resolve that tension peacefully and rationally threatens to degenerate into a collision course of values spilling into a clash between Islam and

Seminar urges strong, united response to extremism

ISLAMABAD – To root out terrorism and extremism and to bring peace and prosperity in the country, every individual in the society must strictly oppose extremism in strong words, the speakers said at seminar in the federal capital on Friday.
They said every person was equally responsible to make efforts for eradication of terrorism. If the society failed to fulfil the obligation, extremists would impose their agenda with the use of forces on people, they warned at a discussion

‘Foreign forces injecting extremism into Pakistan’

PESHAWAR – Without ensuring the supremacy of constitution and parliament, no one can handle the challenges of terrorism and militancy that have put Pakistan’s sovereignty and solidarity at risk.
It was said by the speakers and participants at a seminar on “From Militarisation to Civilisation” arranged by the Individual Land in Peshawar on Saturday, where a speaker, Shamim Shahid, said a number of internal and external reasons were behind the militarisation as, internally, the

Citizens walk against rising religious extremism Lahore

LAHORE – Citizens of Lahore, mostly the youth, gathered at the Liberty Chowk and later walked to the Kalma Chowk, rallying for ‘peace and against religious extremism’ on Sunday. This rally, titled ‘rally to restore sanity and conscience’, was organised over Facebook and the participants of this walk said that they did not want Pakistan to be ‘hijacked by irrational hate mongers’.
People from all walks of life protested against intolerance and disharmony in the society and

Walk against religious extremism at Liberty

LAHORE – A walk promoting peace against religious extremism will be held today by the civil society. The walk will begin from the Liberty Chowk and will end at the Kalma Chowk, during which balloons and banners will be held up, speaking out against the ‘religious fascism.’
Diep Syeda, a social activist, told Pakistan Today that the walk will be against the religious fascism that is slowly bent upon destroying the society. “We will walk against this fascism and the murders that

Altaf calls for alliance against religious extremism

KARACHI – The chief of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Altaf Hussain, has called for liberal forces and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to form an alliance against the increasing religious extremism and terrorism in the name of Islam.
Hussain was addressing a delegation of different NGOs working for human rights at the MQM headquarters, Nine Zero, over the telephone on Thursday.
The MQM chief said that according to the current conditions of the country, every

Former boss feared Qadri’s ‘extremism’

ISLAMABAD – The supervising police officer of the bodyguard accused of killing Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer had asked for his removal from all sensitive security duties because of his extreme religious views, an investigator said on Thursday.
A senior police official investigating the case said Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri had been declared a “security hazard” and his supervising officer had written to the Punjab Home Department saying he should be removed from VIP detail.

Putin calls for police action to curb extremism

MOSCOW: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Thursday tough police action was imperative to stem extremism, saying that “liberal” criticism of the government threatened stability.
“It’s necessary to harshly suppress displays of extremism from all quarters,” Putin said in an annual question-and-answer session following outbreaks of nationalist violence in Moscow. Police have established a major presence in the capital, seeking to avert a repeat of last week’s riots. More

Pakistan, Afghanistan pledge cooperation against extremism

KABUL: Pakistan and Afghanistan have vowed to work more closely to combat extremism, Afghan president’s office said on Wednesday after talks between Hamid Karzai and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani.
Karzai’s office said in a statement that the pair spoke by telephone on Tuesday evening and discussed areas where the two neighbours could cooperate more, including on economic ties.
“Both sides emphasised more cooperation and coordination between security institutions of the