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ECB asks ICC to clarify Amir’s ban

The England Cricket Board has sought clarification from the ICC on the terms and conditions of his ban after Mohammad Amir played in one of its club matches, reported ESPN. The development

ECB emergency scheme seen capping Irish bank bill

BRUSSELS – European Central Bank support should mean Ireland will not have to spend more than the 35 billion euros set aside to recapitalise its banks and it may also get a cheaper bailout deal next month, an EU source has said. ECB plans to give medium-term funding to Irish banks, revealed to Reuters by a eurozone central banking source, has neutralised the risk that fresh stress tests on the wrecked lenders would cripple an EU-IMF bailout deal. “We have no reason to think that the

ECB says it bought 1.1b euros more public debt

FRANKFURT – The European Central Bank said on Monday that its government bond purchases amounted to 1.121 billion euros (1.47 billion dollars) last week, almost double the amount of the previous week.
Total purchases of public debt under the controversial Securities Markets Programme that began in May have now risen to 73.5 billion euros, an ECB statement said. On December 20, the bank said that weekly purchases had fallen to 603 million euros from 2.677 billion in the previous

EU leaders set crisis fund, ECB boosts capital

BRUSSELS – European Union leaders agreed on Thursday to create a permanent financial safety net from 2013 and the European Central Bank moved to increase its firepower to fight the debt crisis that has rocked the euro zone.
But at Germany’s insistence, the 27 leaders said the long-term crisis-resolution mechanism, to be added to the EU’s governing treaty, could only be activated “if indispensable to safeguard the stability of the euro as a whole”. They also decided there was no