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Extreme supermoon – Pundit predicts natural disasters in 7 days

KARACHI – Followed by the extreme supermoon event on Saturday, a Hindu pundit and expert on celestial bodies has foreseen natural disasters throughout the world in the next seven days. Besides that, the pundit also predicted massive changes in Pakistan in the next few months.
Maharaj Premchand Giyanchandani said that the extreme supermoon was observed on Saturday – the day of Shani, the deity of death – and as per Hindu astrology, this would cause a lot of destruction around the

‘Investment needed to escape disasters’

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan could face massive losses in terms of lives and livelihoods in future if investments in evolving a mechanism to mitigate disaster risks were not made, United Nations Secretary General for Disaster Risk Reduction Special Representative Margareta Wahlstrom said on Tuesday.
She said this while addressing a press conference and added that Pakistan was at continued risk of disasters, either man-made or triggered by natural hazards. The damage caused by the recent

Workshop on managing disasters ends

ISLAMABAD – Masses should be educated in water resource management, the closing session of a three-day International Workshop on “Education for Managing Hydrological Extremes and Related Geo-Hazards” conducted by the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (SCEE), National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in collaborative sponsorship of UNESCO and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) expressed on Tuesday.
Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Pir