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NATO oil tanker destroyed in Sibi

SIBI – At least one person was injured Tuesday when a NATO oil tanker was destroyed in suburban area of Sibi District.
Some unknown militants opened fire at the container carrying fuel for NATO force in Afghanistan in Dasht area of Sibi district in central Balochistan, a Private TV Channel reported.
The oil tanker was destroyed and a driver was injured, reports said.
More than 300 NATO tankers and containers carrying logistics and fuel for the International Security

Zardari has destroyed institutions: Bhutto

KARACHI – Commenting on President Asif Ali Zardari’s statement that he wants to strengthen government institutions, Sindh National Front Chairman Nawab Mumtaz Ali Bhutto said on Tuesday that this was a big joke as he [the president] has destroyed every institution in the country by removing honest, efficient officers and replacing them with corrupt, inefficient and disreputable officers.
“The state of thriving public-owned enterprises such as Pakistan Steel Mills, Pakistan

Libyan troops targeted after air force ‘destroyed’

BENGHAZI/BRUSSELS – Libyan ground troops are being targeted by air strikes, coalition officials said on Wednesday, as a top British officer declared Moammer Gaddafi’s air force effectively destroyed.
As bitter fighting raged in key rebel strongholds, NATO nations failed to agree on giving the Western alliance command of military operations in Libya, a NATO diplomat told AFP. “There was no agreement and the discussions continue,” the diplomat said after a new round of talks among

13 vehicles destroyed as NATO tanker bombed

PESHAWAR – As many as four NATO oil tankers and nine other vehicles were destroyed when an explosive device planted in an oil tanker exploded at Pak-Afghan Highway in the outskirts of Peshawar on Tuesday, officials and locals said.
The oil tankers, carrying fuel for the allied forces stationed in Afghanistan, were parked at Karkhano Market, about 10km outside the city. After the explosion, other oil tankers and vehicles also caught fire. Two people were injured in the incident;