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Extremists blow up gas pipeline in Dera Bugti

Unknown extremists blew up a gas pipeline on Wednesday, triggering suspension of gas supply in Dera Bugti. Details revealed that the extremists had attached...

Gas pipeline blown up in Dera Bugti

DERA BUGTI - Unidentified attackers blew up a gas supplying junction pipeline in Pir Koh area of district Dera Bugti on Saturday.
Levies officials confirmed that the 24-inch diameter gas pipeline at the Pir Koh Gas Field was blown up by attackers using a remote controlled device. The explosion has affected the functioning process of gas wells and gas supply has been suspended.
Heavy contingent of Levies Force along with the security forces reached the place and cordoned off

Syrian protesters gathered in Deraa

DERAA - Hundreds of Syrian protesters, chanting for freedom, gathered on Saturday in the main square in the southern town of Deraa, scene of unrest for the last week, a witness said
The witness said three bare-chested young men climbed onto the rubble of the statue of late President Hafez al-Assad, which protesters pulled down yesterday, with cardboard signs reading "the people want the downfall of the regime".

5 die in Dera Bugti landmine explosion

QUETTA - Five persons including two women were killed and twenty two others received injuries in a land mine explosion and an armed attack in Dera Bugti area on Wednesday. According to reports, a pick-up carrying a family from Sui to Pir Koh area rolled on a land mine in Patar Nulla. The resulting explosion killed 4 including two women and eighteen others, of which one passed away. The injured were shifted to PPL hospital at Sui town. The deceased were identified as Jungyan, Laalan,

Landmine explosion in Dera Bugti kills FC man

QUETTA - An official from the Frontier Corps was killed in a landmine explosion in Dera Bugti and a vehicle of Uchh gas field escaped a bomb attack in Jaffarabad district on Sunday. According to report FC personnel Sibtain Shah was on his way home within the jurisdiction of Pir Koh when he suddenly stepped on a landmine.
He sustained critical wounds in the blast and was shifted to the PPL hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. In another incident, a vehicle carrying

Long march to Dera Bugti at all costs: Shahzain

ISLAMABAD - Shahzain Bugti, the grandson of Akbar Bugti, has resolved to hold the long march to Dera Bugti on January 28 at every cost. "The masses from all the four provinces will march towards Dera Bugti at all cost," he said at a crowded press conference. "In a bid to halt the long march, the government implicated me in a false case," he alleged.
Jamhoori Watan Party leader Nawab Shahzain Bugti presented a three-point formula to stabilize the Balochistan situation. "The

Landmine explosion kills two in Dera Bugti

QUETTA - Two Bugti tribesmen were killed in a landmine explosion in Dera Bugti district of Balochistan on Sunday. According to Levies officials, a landmine laid by unknown militants in Gandari near Loti area of Dera Bugti exploded with a huge explosion when two persons riding a motorbike rolled on it. As a result, both were killed on the spot.
Soon after the blast Levies and other law enforcement agencies rushed to the site and shifted victims to hospital where they were

Nothing can stop the march towards Dera Bugti: Shahzain

Quetta - Jamhoori Watan Party Balochistan President Shahzain Bugti said that long march towards Dera Bugti would be held at any cost on January 28, along with hundreds of internally displaced Bugtis and party workers.
He was talking to the media when he was brought to the Sandeman Hospital for medical checkup upon his complain of cardiac problem but doctors diagnosed him with stomach problem after taking some medical tests. He said that he had announced to initiate a long march