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Saleh stands defiant as desertions mount

SANAA – President Ali Saleh Abdullah stood defiant as Yemen’s elected leader in a speech to his supporters on Friday despite a growing list of desertions and mounting pressure on him to resign.
“These popular masses — these millions — in this square have come to say ‘yes’ to constitutional legitimacy,” Saleh told a large crowd gathered near the presidential palace. “These are the same masses who said ‘yes’ to Ali Abdullah Saleh in 2006 (elections) as president of the republic,”

Defiant Syria suburb awaits its protest dead

AMMAN – Hundreds of Syrians chanted “freedom” as they gathered early on Sunday to receive home wounded protesters in Douma, the Damascus suburb taking the fight closest to President Bashar al-Assad’s seat of power.
Some 50 wounded arrived in secret police cars around midnight in Municipality Square, where at least five were killed on Friday when rights activists said security forces fired at protesters demanding political freedoms and an end to graft.
Thousands took to the

The tussle within the bureacracy – Standing defiant

LAHORE – The Punjab government is going through a difficult time as most of its provincial service officers are on strike and it is managing its essential business by replacing officers on key posts. The Provincial Civil Service (PCS) Officers’ Association claims that the strike is against the “discriminatory” attitude of the district management group (DMG) officers, whom they also hold responsible for many other ills such as inflation, patwari culture and lawlessness facing the

Defiant at court – PMS and DMG face off

LAHORE – Things have further worsened on the Punjab’s governance arena, as the provincial management service (PMS) officers and the district management group (DMG) officers stick to their guns after the civil court granted bail to 73 provincial officers on Saturday. As a show of strength, hundreds of provincial service officers from the districts and the civil secretariat gathered at the city courts to receive their colleagues arrested from within the premises of the civil secretariat

Sherry defiant despite threats

LAHORE – Former information minister Sherry Rehman, who has faced a tide of opposition from extremists and the religious right because of her opposition to blasphemy laws, told Newsweek magazine in an interview that it unnerved her opponents that she was well-versed about Islam and made her argument on the basis of the Holy Quran and sayings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
“That call to emotion, ‘if you’re not with us, then you’re not really a good Muslim,’ instils fear in many

Yemeni protesters defiant after deadle attack

SANAA – Thousands of Yemeni anti-regime demonstrators chanted defiantly on Wednesday after government loyalists shot two of them dead, while eight ruling party MPs resigned over the suppression of protests. “Enough! Enough! The criminal attacks during the night!,” chanted the mostly young demonstrators encamped at Sanaa University in the capital, after gunmen attacked them during the night, killing two of them and wounding 23, according to witnesses and medics.
“I presented my

WALI KHAN BABAR’S ASSASINATION – Press Club sombre but defiant: journalists vow to fight on

KARACHI – The Karachi Press Club (KPC) presented a sombre but defiant picture on Friday, as the targeted assassination of 28-year-old journalist Wali Khan Babar reverberated among his friends and colleagues.
The KPC may be split along ideological lines, but all differences were cast aside as journalists from both the print and electronic media recalled the insecurity and uncertainty braved by media personnel in the execution of their jobs.
It was all too familiar for many

Gbagbo defiant as UN, EU pile on pressure

ABIDJAN: Tension mounted between Ivory Coast strongman Laurent Gbagbo and the international community on Monday, as the United Nations complained of rights abuses and the European Union slapped sanctions on him. Gbagbo has rejected demands he cede power to his rival Alassane Ouattara, and has instead ordered UN peacekeepers to leave the country, stirring fears the fragile West African state might plunge back into chaos. The United Nations has refused Gbagbo’s order to withdraw its