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20 MPs to appear in ECP today to defend fake degrees

Twenty lawmakers accused of possessing fake or invalid educational degrees would appear before a special committee of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) today (Monday) to defend their position.
Earlier, the ECP had set October 25 as the deadline for the completion of hearing of all cases, however, an Election Commission official said that it was impossible for the ECP to meet the deadline, as most of the cases were yet to be heard. He said the commission

12 lawmakers disregard ECP notice to defend educational degrees

ISLAMABAD: Parliamentarians and members of provincial assemblies appear to have no regard for the law or the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), as some of them accused of possessing fake degrees are consistently avoiding to appear before the ECP special committee to defend their educational record.
Only three of the 15 MPs summoned appeared before the special committee on Monday and the ECP officials hearing the fake degree cases said that the committee would refer the cases