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Poor, helpless and left in the dark

Over 600 poor Christian families of F-6/2 Kachi Abadi living without electricity despite paying bills Residents say committee formed by J Salik embezzled electricity dues that they had been paying to it

The dark side of monsoon

As Monsoon clouds bring with them a collective cool down and refreshing rain, children and adults alike leave their homes to enjoy the weather. But rainfall never comes alone. With the monsoon


Christopher Nolan concludes his Batman trilogy in typically spectacular, ambitious fashion with The Dark Knight Rises, but the feeling of frustration and disappointment is unshakable. Maybe that was inevitable. Maybe nothing could

More than 50% of Lahore to remain in dark

Lahore Electrical Supply Company’s (LESCO) repair works on transmission lines will ensure that more than 50 percent of the city is without electricity supply for more than five consecutive hours over the