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Dancing girls of Lahore call time

LAHORE – The colourful musical anklets of the dancing girls in the Shahi Mohallah area are now silent and up for sale. This old neighbourhood of crumbling buildings is no more a place for men to stray from their arranged marriages and spend time with beautiful women trained in the arts of song, dance and seduction.
Just a few days ago, the women of this area, popularly known as Heera Mandi, used to attract men by wearing these anklets. The vast majority of dancers did exactly as

‘Dancing’ Kazakh PM unfazed by WikiLeaks revelations

ASTANA: Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Masimov on Wednesday said he was perfectly happy with revelations on leaked US diplomatic cables which showed him to be a tireless nightclub dancer.
Amid the diplomatic furore over the leaked cables on website WikiLeaks, Masimov told Agence-France Presse in an interview that he was one of few world leaders to have been untroubled by the unusual glimpse behind the scenes.
As well as recounting the lavish lifestyle of the Kazakh elite, the