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M J Akbar

UPA in trouble

Will it survive this summer? A fall from grace is par for the course. A slide into humiliation is another discourse. Defeat is the familiar price of failure in democracy. Humiliation is

Congress on Balochistan

The Representatives from California has presented a resolution regarding Balochistan’s precarious condition and it has been passed by the US Congress. It asks for the independence of Balochistan from Pakistan on the

M J Akbar

Revenge of the provinces

Congress couldn’t get its act together How did relations between Samajwadi Party and Congress descend, within the space of half a campaign, from flirtation barely disguised by a Lucknow burqa and hints

US Congress discusses Balochistan again

The United States Committee on Foreign Affairs convened a congressional meeting on Thursday for an exclusive discussion on the situation in Balochistan. The Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the House Committee