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Agriculture concerns

While the government’s inability to honour promises of expanding exports and subsequently revenue is no surprise, news of the agriculture sector itself on a down-curve definitely is. Remember, this is the year

MFN concerns

Farmers Associates Pakistan (FAP) has raised valid objections over the MFN debate, even if its voice all but drowned in the recent “win-win” euphoria. It’s a good thing that the commerce ministry

PM addresses LCCI concerns

Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani has assured LCCI President Irfan Qaiser Sheikh to resolve the issue of SRO 821(I) 2011 at the earliest. The prime minister was talking to the LCCI

Immediate concerns

I’m in agreement with much of the post-budget debates carried in these pages. It is clear that the government is banking on increased tax revenue to bridge its excessive fiscal deficit. That,