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Low attendance in educational institutes owing to intense cold

LAHORE - Low attendance in the educational institutions was witnessed in the educational institutes of the city owing to intense cold prevailing in the city for the past few days, whereas winter holidays have already ended in the schools, colleges and universities.
Students and parents requested the concerned authorities to extend the holidays or alter the timings in order to save students from chilly weather. Students traveling on public transport and motorbikes are facing the

Fog and cold wave affect daily life in KP

PESHAWAR - Severe cold waves and fog have hit the daily life activities in most parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa particularly in the central region known as Peshawar Valley.
The people are facing serious problems as the major highways are either temporarily suspended for traffic or completely closed for several hours.
Movements in the province are restricted and people from northern areas and nearby districts Mardan, Charsadda, Swabi, Nowshera and Hazara are planning to travel to

Severe cold and gas shortage irks hostelites

LAHORE - Hostelites are facing major problems due to severe cold and gas shortage including shortage of food, cold water for bathing and chilly rooms, as gas heaters have become useless, Pakistan Today has learnt. Shazia, a student, said that she was forced to eat from outside, as gas was not available in her hostel.
She said that gas shortage has proved to be an additional financial burden on her and severe cold has also decreased students' mobility, especially of females.

Sunday bazaars deserted as severe cold descends

LAHORE - Vegetable and fruit prices fell at Sunday bazaars while people chose to stay at home due to severe cold and fog. Vegetable prices including onion, potatoes, garlic, tomatoes and peas decreased while prices of fruits including apples, bananas and oranges also declined.
A majority of Sunday bazaars established in Model Town, Green Town, Johar Town, Shadman, Allama Iqbal Town, Shalimar Gardens and the Wahdat Road witnessed very low number of customers. Vendors complained

Children in flooded areas defenceless against cold

ISLAMABAD - The United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has warned that children in flood-stricken areas of Pakistan, who are already suffering from acute respiratory infections and malnutrition, are at risk because of no protection against cold weather.
An UNICEF official told APP on Sunday that the organisation needed $82.1 million to continue its life-saving and recovery programmes for children in the flood-hit areas. He said additional funds would be

Cold wave continue to disrupt life

ISLAMABAD - The upper parts of the country were in the grip of foggy conditions as the traffic on the motorway and other highways was stopped due to non-visibility, a private TV channel reported on Saturday.
Quoting an unnamed official of the Met Office, the channel reported that the current rain/snowfall spell was likely to weaken within two days and upper parts will again experience cold weather in the coming days. Sindh and Balochistan will also remain in the grip of cold wave

Cold weather grips city after rains

Lahore - After the season's first rain citizens of the provincial metropolis witnessed a cold weather on the last day of 2010, whereas fog was also witnessed in the morning.
According to the meteorological department lowest temperature recorded on Friday was 5 C. A met office official said that cold and dry weather expected in next 24 hours whereas fog will prevail in the morning. He also said that as soon as sky gets clear, temperature will further decrease.
People of

China to finance modern cold storage facilities

FAISALABAD - The government, in coordination with a Chinese firm, has decided to launch the long-awaited Controlled Atmosphere Project (CAP) for the conservation of locally produced fruit and vegetables such as apple, banana, orange, strawberry, cherry, lemon, guava, mango, onion, potato, green peas and other items of grocery.
The CAP will double the life span of fruits and vegetables besides preventing the wastage of 34,000 tons of fruits and vegetables that are lost in transit

Medical negligence – ‘Cold Chain’ for vaccines not being maintained by...

LAHORE: A majority of distributors of national and multinational pharmaceutical companies are supplying medicines to retailers without maintaining the requisite "Cold Chain", affecting the efficacy of vaccines, Pakistan Today has learnt.
Medical experts said that maintaining the Cold Chain means that a vaccine manufactured at 2 degree Celsius should be stored in the same temperature until it reaches the patient for proper efficacy of vaccines. They said certain medicines need to