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Who to trust? – Class 8 Computer textbook still unavailable

Who to trust? – Class 8 Computer textbook still unavailable

LAHORE – Unavailability of the prescribed Computer Science book for Class 8 has become a headache for the parents and young students as the exams approach, Pakistan Today has learnt.
According to Punjab Examination Commission (PEC), the Punjab Textbook Board will not publish the Computer Science book now but the exam will be taken according to the National Curriculum 2006. PEC official told Pakistan Today that the course outline was clear enough in National Curriculum 2006 and

Airline to sell ‘cuddle class’ seating

Economy air travel need no longer be referred to as “cattle class,” and passengers don’t have to squeeze into tight seats.
Beginning next year, money-conscious long-haul travelers can take “cuddle class” and book a row of seats that convert into a couch or bed.
Planned by Air New Zealand for trans-Pacific flights, the “Skycouch” is a row of three regular seats redesigned to create a space for children to play or a flat surface for adults to relax and sleep.