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Beggars pestered citizens on Eid

The number of beggars remained the same on Eidul Fitr and caused citizens inconvenience despite the police’s assurance that stern action will be taken against beggars who are spotted by the police,

Citizens celebrate 4th day of Eid

Citizens flocked parks and recreational areas on Saturday to celebrate the fourth day of Eidul Fitr. Despite an outpour in the afternoon, citizens were seen in large numbers at the Lahore Zoo

Citizens flock Cinepax on Eid

Cinema culture in the garrison city of Rawalpindi has revived after Ramadan and large numbers of people, particularly youngsters, thronged to cinemas during the first three days of Eid. Cinepax, the most

Soaring food prices irk citizens

Soaring vegetables and fruits prices in Peshawar have disgruntled citizens, who seem helpless as relevant authorities have stayed apathetic. Two weeks away from Ramadan, prices of various vegetables and fruits in different

Rainy weekend pleases citizens

Citizens witnessed a lovely weekend in form of pleasant weather with rain in different parts of the city on Saturday. Citizens thronged recreational places, including parks and zoo, to enjoy the pleasant