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Citizens protest open manholes

The open manholes on Railway Carriage Factory road are posing life threats while the concerned authorities are playing role of silent spectators. Talking to Online, transporters and bike riders complained that several

Police feeds lies to citizens

The spokesman of Lahore Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Ahmed Raza Tahir, Rai Nazar Hayat, confessed while talking to Pakistan Today that a false handout had been issued by his branch on

Citizens face platelet transfusion dilemma

Despite the issuance of the WHO Dengue Control Protocol for Pakistan and visits of Indonesian and Sri Lankan experts, the dengue diagnosis management and treatment remains a difficult task for doctors, Pakistan

Public toilets keeping citizens away

Though, the federal capital has more than one hundred public toilets, clearly disproportionate to the population, but they have turned into shambles, as it seems that the city managers have forgotten to