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India moves to toughen child labour laws

India’s government moved Wednesday to toughen child labour laws in a country where millions of youngsters work long hours, often in poor conditions, but activists slammed the steps as inadequate. Prime Minister

Hunger devours one more Thari child

Commissioner says 52,000 wheat bags distributed in far-flung areas of Tharparkar as 30 more children are admitted to hospitals Another child died in a hospital in the drought-hit region of Thar increasing

Man abandons child in mosque

An unidentified man left his three-year-old child in a mosque due to unknown reasons and fled the scene. According to details, an unknown man along with his child came to a mosque

3-year-old loses life to a sewerage drain

A 3-year-old child’s dead body recovered from a sewerage drain in Dharampura on Sunday. According to reports, Javaid, a rickshaw driver, could not locate his son on Saturday night. On Sunday morning,