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Chavez’s Legacy of Ruin

The death of President Hugo Chavez marks the beginning of a perilous and hopeful moment for Venezuela and the Western Hemisphere. There is no denying the impact of the charismatic ex- paratrooper,

Chavez suffering new respiratory infection

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s breathing problems have worsened and he is suffering a new, severe respiratory infection after cancer surgery in Cuba, the government has said. Information minister Ernesto Villegas said in

Chavez undergoes ‘alternative’ treatments

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is undergoing “complex” alternative treatments more than two months after having cancer surgery in Cuba, the country’s vice president has said. Vice President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday did

Chavez fights ‘severe’ lung infection

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is being treated for “respiratory deficiency” after complications from a severe lung infection, his government has said. “Chavez has faced complications as a result of a severe respiratory

Venezuelan opposition seeks answers on Chavez

Venezuela’s opposition demanded that the government reveal specifics of President Hugo Chavez’s condition, criticising secrecy surrounding the ailing leader’s health more than three weeks after his cancer surgery in Cuba. Opposition coalition