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Charlie Chaplin remembered

London – Every few weeks, outside the movie theater in virtually any American town in the late 1910s, stood the life-size cardboard figure of a small tramp – outfitted in tattered, baggy pants, a cutaway coat and vest, impossibly large, worn-out shoes and a battered derby hat – bearing the inscription I AM HERE TODAY. An advertisement for a Charlie Chaplin film was a promise of happiness, of that precious, almost shocking moment when art delivers what life cannot, when experience and

Charlie Sheen stages a comeback in Chicago

LOS ANGELES – One day after his live show bombed in Detroit, actor Charlie Sheen staged a comeback in Chicago, changing the performance’s format and winning some fans in the process, according to media reports on Monday.
Sheen, formerly the highest-paid actor on U.S. television in his sitcom “Two and a Half Men” who had set out to redeem himself in a touring stage show dubbed, “My Violent Torpedo of Truth: Defeat is Not an Option,” opened his new act in Detroit on Saturday and

Charlie Sheen faces prospect of losing, duh

LOS ANGELES – Actor Charlie Sheen, whose assertion that he is always “winning, duh” has become a pop catchphrase, faced a new reality the day after his stage show bombed. Fans and critics said: “losing, really.”
In March, Sheen was fired from his job as TV’s highest-paid actor on the comedy “Two and a Half Men” after he publicly criticized producer Chuck Lorre and the show’s makers at Warner Bros. Television.

Snoop jumps in studio with Charlie

Actor Charlie Sheen is putting his “winning” regimen to song and he’s bringing Snoop Dogg along for the ride. The troubled actor-turned-internet star, who was recentlyfired from the popular CBS comedy ‘Two and a Half Men,’ posted a picture of himself and Snoop, along with former Korn member Robert Patterson making sweet music.
The trio were pictured recording at Sheen’s house over the weekend. Sheen has been pretty much pulling out all of the stops since embarking on a one-man