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Inside Syria

The Syrian Stumble Part 2 The biggest humanitarian crisis of the recent century has sparked world-wide protests in across the globe, igniting wild fire as over 2 million Syrian refugees has been

The casualties of war

The constant victimization within Karachi occupies our minds. One of the most vibrant cities of our times is going through a catharsis. Endless bloodshed is necessarily the order of the day, as

Speaking of autonomy

It has been about a month since the IMF report on Pakistan ‘ingeniously’ highlighted the economy’s fragility. A sense of urgency was incumbent; the PM quickly and quite conveniently replaced the secretaries

Subtle toggling of inputs

an economy unable to reach its production possibility frontier will always remain vulnerable to exogenous shocks, as in the case of Pakistan. It would have been a different story if the last

When sovereigns are bankrupt

Recent events in Europe have been extremely instructive. Greece accounts for a very small proportion of the main European economy. It comprises but a couple of percentage points of continental GDP. Yet

The energy dilemma

Only a strong domestic industrial and agriculture base can ensure a strong economy of Pakistan, presently, at a critical stage in the wake of rising twin deficits — fiscal deficit and current

A closed economy?

Self-proclaimed economists many a times lead one to experience a fatal cringing and a heightened need to claw. The latest argument encountered by the writer on what policy makers should and shouldn’t