Debt relief

Not a long-term solution After applying for the G-20 debt relief initiative, available to 76 of the poorest nations in the world, Pakistan has secured rescheduling agreements worth $526 million, $347 million

A colossal foreign policy failure

Pakistan’s relations with Gulf   Pakistan has a history of decades of warm relations with the Gulf countries which has benefitted both sides. The agreement about the return of Gwadar to Pakistan

Fact-free politics

The unraveling of American democracy What has happened in the US over the past four years since Donald Trump was elected President is unprecedented. The current administration’s reaction to a crushing defeat

Shooting at UNMOGIP

Now that its own observers come under fire, the UN must act The United Nations has accepted that one of the vehicles of the United Nations Military Observers Group in India and

Freezing without gas

Government did not act in time It is bad enough for motorists that CNG stations are shutting down because SNGPL and SSGC are no longer supplying them, but the sufferings of the

Heed the alarm bells

Take PDM on board The threat perception from India has suddenly assumed prime importance. We have been told off and on before also that India is likely to indulge in aggression against

Economy in trouble

An apparently insatiable appetite for foreign debt The government’s apparently insatiable appetite for foreign exchange, which has led it engage in $4.5 billion fresh borrowing so far this fiscal year, not yet

PIA still top-heavy

Will still have too many employees after VSS PIA aims to have about 7,000 to 8,000 employees after the current Voluntary Separation Scheme, down from the current count of 14,500 employees, which

Fall of Dhaka

Failure to learn the lessons The fall of Dhaka was a traumatic experience for the nation. People cried on that day publicly in the streets as never before. The state-controlled television and

Action on oil?

Will the Cabinet committee act or save colleagues? The Federal Cabinet has set up a three-member Committee to recommend action on the enquiry commission report into the June oil shortage, which indicates

Achakzai’s perception of Punjab

An imbalanced  view Like all nationalists of an extremist variety, irrespective of whether they belong to Punjab, Sindh, KP or Balochistan, PKMAP leader Mahmud Khan Achakzai presented a simplistic, one-sided and highly

Is the age of euphemisms over?

Hazards of overplaying one’s hand The PDM movement is gradually turning into a fight for civilian supremacy. Dressing up the truth while referring to the military establishment, by calling it ‘offstage players’,

Attacks in Rawalpindi

A second unexplained attack should cause concern Militancy may be making resurgence. Though the grenade attack on Sunday in Rawalpindi has not been claimed by any group, its being the second in