A belated confession

And a lame excuse   While addressing cabinet members Prime Minister Imran Khan complained that he did not receive an extensive briefing like the one being provided to US President-elect Joe Biden.

Rising temperature

Government refuses to unify the nation India’s BJP government seems bent on developing a war hysteria against Pakistan. Not only has it engaged in increasing pressure on the Line of Control, with

Dr Farid A Malik

Please resign

A chance to get rid of past distortions The Zia Pandemic ‘ of 1985 partyless elections may be finally coming to an end by the voluntary resignations of the opposition parties. Please


The Benazir Doctrine

Benazir provides guidance in these troubled times By Mustafa Baloch On 3 July 1972, the Simla Accord” between Prime Minister of Pakistan Z.A Bhutto and his Indian counterpart Indira Gandhi that turned

PM warna cabinet

The PTI government has to take its governance performance to much higher levels in the remaining time of its five-year tenure, Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday, telling his ministers that

Karachi’s strays

I have finally become compelled with how to raise this issue to the government, because now the issue has now become critical. The issue is that the number of street dogs in

Senate elections

ECP asserts itself, but what’s the opposition’s strategy? The ECP has finally put its foot down, letting the government know that the Commission alone is authorised to issue the schedule for the

Debt relief

Not a long-term solution After applying for the G-20 debt relief initiative, available to 76 of the poorest nations in the world, Pakistan has secured rescheduling agreements worth $526 million, $347 million

Children of Lesser gods

It is the moral and constitutional responsibility of the State to treat all citizens equally, offering them equal opportunities, irrespective of their creed, status, faith or ethnicity etc. The priority for state

Karachi kidney hill scam

There is no law on statute books which allows an irregularity and illegality, such as illegal occupation of land allocated as an amenity park to be regularized, even through an out of

Welcome back to fly

The CNN news report has confirmed that the Brazilian GOL Airline has started operating the services of Boeing 737 Max passenger planes. These planes have been pressed into service after quite a