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Middle class and prices

Sudden increase in prices of petrol, CNG, mutton, chicken and eggs is pretty much all it takes to choke the middle class, effectively the life and blood of a market economy. This

Bull surge

This is with regards to the news report ‘Pakistan equities return to top five regional stock list’ published on Saturday. The recent trend of bull surge has been a positive sight and

IP Pipeline

This is with regards to the quick edit titled “The pipeline policy” published on Saturday. I think it is a positive stance from our government that we are ignoring all these so

Non-Tariff Barriers

This is with regards to the article, “Grilling the wrong chicken” published on Monday. The relentless debate on MFN to India is becoming a tiring affair. It is no rocket science that

Geniuses of their fields

This is with regards to the news report, “Auction of 3G spectrum must be transparent, says Gillani” published on Saturday. In Pakistan-today you have shown PM Gillani shaking hands with entrepreneur Bill


I have been following Profit’s articles from a while now. This is in response to the news item published on February 2nd, about Pakistan’s trade deal with the European Union, and also

Missing the old Profit

I have noticed that the number of pages have been reduced in your publication, and I actually miss the earlier pages, when there were so many interesting articles and features to read

Economic forecast

This is with regards to the article, “The economic crystal ball” published on 14/01/12. I must congratulate the writer for scribing a thoroughly enjoyable and researched article. During my time at the

Information Technology

This is with regards to the news story, “CM reiterates IT importance” published on 14/01/12. The man, and his party, might have their flaws but with the elections coming up, they are

Improving fish farming

This is with regards to the news report, “Fisheries department holds training course” published yesterday. The Punjab Fisheries Department is taking a lucrative step by holding the three-day training course for fish

European dilemma

This is with regards to the article, “Two pronged European predicament” published yesterday. The view expressed in the article is indeed interesting and worth commending. My personal opinion is that the European

Abundant natural resources

This is with regards to the article, “Copper politics and state of economy”, published on 11/01/12. It does not need any new evidence that we have abundant natural resources in our country,

Copper politics

This is with regards to the article, “Copper politics, and state of economy” published yesterday. I totally agree with the writer, that the political confrontations and differences have resulted in utter wastage

Marble market

This is with regards to the news report, “$500b worth Middle East markets remain untapped” published yesterday. Neglect on the part of the government has made the nation suffer on many fronts,

Advertising trends in 2011

This is with regards to the feature, “Advertising- a mélange of creativity and ingenuity”, published on 09/01/12. Advertising industry of Pakistan has massively grown and flourished over the years. Internationally as well,