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This is with regards to the article “Lawn-ing with the most favoured neighbour” published on Monday, 05/03/2012. The fact that the writer linked up the MFN debate with lawn exhibitions makes the

Making oil affordable

Oil remains uncomfortably and unjustifiably bid in the international market. Libyan production is back online earlier than expected and Iraqi, Russian and Mexican crude is flushing markets just as India’s industry and

To Russia with love

Whether or not the foreign minister’s surprise Moscow visit primarily focused on generating requisite funding for the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline, as speculated in sections of the press, remains to be seen. But

New middle class

It’s interesting that the most senior government functionaries should visibly posture towards a creating a ‘new middle class’ as elections draw near. And while the waseela-e-haq program that the president inaugurated relates

Borrowing binge

The borrowing binge of the government of Pakistan seems to be never ending. The authorities have relied greatly on the SBP to fulfill its burgeoning appetite for budgetary lending one that has

The UAEPAP initiative

At a time of increasing international financial isolation for Islamabad, the UAE Pakistan Assistance Program continues to provide crucial and appreciated assistance from a time-tested, all-weather friend. Already with the coalition support

Revenue trends

The deficit continues to be nudged at from both sides as improved remittances partially offset dismal year-end export numbers, implying the fiscal deficit will continue to be pressured to the downside while

Inflation drop

The inflation surprise to the downside, and subsequent market rally, ought to be self-explanatory. Yet there are deeper issues that must be calculated, which explain why the following trading day brought bears

Gas management

There is more than a grain of truth in aptma’s argument that a better form of gas rationing can be adopted than the one employed by the petroleum ministry. True, domestic consumers

The good and the bad

While there’s little surprise in the government’s failure to enhance tax earnings in the year just ended, there is still reason to rejoice – the 10 per cent year-on-year rise in exports

The year that was

No denying the bearing of outside influences on economic policymaking, but when an entire year’s growth trajectory follows exogenous flows, there is something inherently flawed in power centres. All was well in