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Held Kashmir democracy

Can we stand a comparison? The Foreign Office was rightly indignant at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claim that the local body elections in Kashmir showed that there was democracy there. As

Why not polio?

IMB asks a valid question The Independent Monitoring BOARD (IMB) for polio, in its latest six-monthly report, has asked pertinently why Pakistan has been unable to eradicate polio while it has been

Of film and cinephilia in Pakistan

By Syed Afsar Sajid The book is purported to be an anthology of ‘recently published academic research, critical essays, translations, and interviews on Pakistani cinema’, and brings ‘cutting edge works previously trapped


According to Merriam-Webster the procrastinate means to put off intentionally and habitually. The word itself tells us the meaning of it. High levels of human beings are willing to procrastinate. We always

Arif Nizami

Half-way mark

Time for a reset Prime minister Imran Khan’s recent lament that, “one should never come to power without homework,” can be generally perceived as an implicit admission of defeat. As if the

Rabia Ahmed

Why democracy?

Is democracy worth holding on to? For those who want to hold on to democracy it is important to remember that democracy─ the real democracy which rarely exists─ is the rule of

The Quaid

He not only dominated the world that he lived in. He reshaped it Few individuals significantly alter the course of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can

The system in quandary

And the establishment’s dilemma    The PDM has plans like resignations from the assemblies, a march to Islamabad and a sit-in aimed at paralyzing the federal administration. Attempts to create dissensions in

PTA and social media

Outlandish warnings that are a source of embarrassment for the country    Despite being a direct beneficiary of unregulated social media that helped propel the party into being a mainstream political contender,

Time to perform

The respected Prime Minister Imran Khan asked the federal ministers to get read and deliver their best to face the challenges of our harsh conditions. However, the Agreements of Ministers of 2020-21

We must change 

It is important to know our weaknesses and shortcomings to fix them. We as a nation tend to be devious and not follow the rules. Before the partition, during WWII, the British

Looking beyond the deserts

The inflow of remittances, backbone of the economy of Pakistan, is under threat after unexpected and sudden visa-ban from UAE. This is consequential for the already dwindling economy of Pakistan which heavily