Float a tender

The system will change you before you can change it The Prophet (pbuh) lost a tooth in the Battle of Uhud, not Badr as I...

Why we love to hate the US

If one were to put a date on which terrorism in it’s present form came to Pakistan, it would be the 30th October, 2006....

Democracy on the move

Saturday, 17 March, 2012 was one of the finest moments in our history. On this day for the first time an elected president addressed...

State of separation

For families of missing persons, autumn is here to stay
You may be lost in the eyes of the world,
but how can I set you free;
When there's a whole empty world in my aching heart,
You're the missing part of me.
- Susan Musgrave
Seasons come and go but for the families of the missing persons - as those picked up by the ubiquitous intelligence agencies have come to be labeled - autumn is the one permanent fixture.
They know not when the wait will end

A failure of imagination

I grew up on stories of Gama Pahalwan, the iconic champion of an age when wrestling in red langotis still captured the imagination of north India. It seems that apart from ever-increasing quantities of buffalo milk, he ate two dozen raw eggs a day. Like a good Indian, I compromised. Raw eggs seemed the diet of a potential bully, and hard-boiled too wimpish. The solution was clearly half-boiled eggs.
India's foreign policy is the ultimate half-boiled egg; more Indian than foreign

It never rains but it pours

Karachi and urban flooding   …quite contrary to our cultural triggers of action - shame and honour - we are not moving an inch on issues of Karachi   The...

Let us be united!

Our political immaturity is going to cost us   Agitation-politics is trending in Pakistan which has serious economic and socio-political repercussions. It is true that Pakistan...

The “one hand” panacea

Later today, the national budget for 2011-12 will be presented in parliament. Probably one of the toughest assignments that any Pakistan economic team has...