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The abuse

Child abuse is more of a problem than we think Rampaging beasts, broken angels, their roar of pain, skin that breathes and beats scars, tangled sentences, naked expressions, turns and thorns, hidden

Syed Kaswar Gardezi

Mismanaging covid-19

A strict lockdown, even a short one, is needed in cities Since the start of the covid19 pandemic, the incumbent government faced criticism for not handling the situation properly. It started off

Rabia Ahmed

The long awaited vaccine

Making the covid-19 vaccine work will be a challenge Russia has started vaccinating using the Sputnik V vaccine, although it is still in the process of being mass-tested. The Pfizer vaccine has

Dark dungeons of crime

Custodians of the illicit with no shame in theft Candid Corner “It was as good as sealing yourself into a dungeon: walled in, with nowhere to go but your own doom.” -Haruki


Understanding the 18th Amendment

The good outweighs the bad By Hidayar Ullah Collectively drafted by Parliament in 2010 following two years of considerations by a parliamentary advisory committee, the 18th Amendment essentially redesigned the 1973 Constitution.