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Omer Javed

‘A year like no other’

The pandemic should force the IMF to rethink its neoliberal stance ‘A year like no other’ is the title of International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) annual report for 2020, which is indeed quite


Unwanted crises

The political scene reflects selfish motives and no concern for the common man By: Akhtar Aly Kureshy Although the present bleak political situation, which the opposition desires to turn into political turmoil

Rabia Ahmed


The word is full of meaning for us all The Cambridge dictionary this month made ‘accha’ available to the English speaking public. As incorrectly pronounced as ‘Iraq’ by the dictionary’s own British

Deft, delicate and damning

A sequence of timely moves leaves the opposition reeling Candid Corner “I sometimes think that people’s hearts are like deep wells. Nobody knows what is at the bottom. All you can do


I still mourn, do you ?

The perpetrators went unpunished East Pakistan, the eastern wing of the country, died on  16 December 1971 at the Paltan Maidan in Dacca ( now spelled Dhaka). On its debris emerged a


The world built by China

The covid-19 pandemic showed other countries When one looks in the pages of history just a few decades back in 1970, China was sandwiched between two superpowers, the USA, and the USSR.

Dr James J Zogby

Biden and the JCPOA

Lessons from Iranian and Arab public opinion With Joe Biden ​as President-elect and Donald Trump soon leaving the White House, analysts are engaging in endless speculation about what this change in administrations will mean for

What restrained the BBC?

Protecting India when it’s disinformation is exposed The EU-based non-governmental organisation, EU DisinfoLab, has released its second tranche of te goldmine of India’s vast disinformation network. It reveals that a dead human-rights