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M A Niazi

Nowhere to be seen

Islamic countries showed up nowhere in responding to the pandemic AT PENPOINT One of the more interesting features of the world’s response to the covid-19 pandemic has been the extent to which


A role model for all

The real lawyer who create the nation By Akhtar Aly Kureshy How lucky we are to live in a peaceful and independent society where everything is being managed and controlled by ourselves.

Dr Farid A Malik

Please resign

A chance to get rid of past distortions The Zia Pandemic ‘ of 1985 partyless elections may be finally coming to an end by the voluntary resignations of the opposition parties. Please


The Benazir Doctrine

Benazir provides guidance in these troubled times By Mustafa Baloch On 3 July 1972, the Simla Accord” between Prime Minister of Pakistan Z.A Bhutto and his Indian counterpart Indira Gandhi that turned

Hasan Aftab Saeed

Sayonara 2020

And not one moment too soon Few would dispute that 2020 is right up there in the list of forgettable years. (The more forgettable they are, the harder they are to forget.)

Mohib Asad

The courts

Of Law and Order “This is a court of law, not a court of justice”—–Oliver Wendell Holmes, famous American jurist, in a comment on the US Supreme Court (circa early 20th century)

Salman Munir

PIA in trouble again

The VSS should be structured better By: Salman Munir  There was a happy and productive worker in a public sector organization far away. The organization was profitable and happy too. It wanted